Current Residents

Our Tenant Portal provides you with many online options for managing your account, including online payment services and maintenance requests.
Please follow the link below to access the Tenant Portal.


Tenant Portal


If you have further questions or require assistance just give us a call at 816-994-9401. We’re here 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday – Friday.


What is an emergency?

  • If you are experiencing a fire, smoke or sparks in your home please call 911 before contacting SBD Housing Solutions.
  • Active flooding
  • Broken pipe/major plumbing leak (not contained by a tub/sink, or toilet)
  • Heating system not functioning, with inside temp 68 degrees or below.
  • Cooling system not functioning, with inside temp 85 degrees F or above.
  • Clog in main sewer line, uncontained sewage/septic back up
  • Clogged or non-functioning toilet if only one toilet is present in the home.
  • No water in the entire home/no hot water for over 12 hours (not related to a utility outage)
  • Complete power failure for over 12-hours within the home, no power for over 12 hours (not related to utility power outage)